Bahamas Bowling Federation

About Us


The Bahamas Federation of Amateur Bowlers (BFAB) was constituted in 1981 to be the successor body of the Bahamas Bowling Association.

The name of the organization was changed from Bahamas Federation of Amateur Bowlers (BFAB) to Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) in 2007.

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Name and Office

The Bahamas Bowling Federation is the national governing body for bowling in The Bahamas as recognized by the Bahamas Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.

It is an official non-profit National body dedicated to the sport of bowling within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and its head office in the city of residence of the President currently Freeport, Grand Bahama.

Objective and Mission

The primary objective of the Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) is to foster the spirit of fellowship and good sportsmanship through and within the sport of bowling, throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

To Enhance Its Primary Objective, the BBF:

1.  Provides equal opportunity to all bowlers within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas

2.  Assists in the development of the sport by providing technical assistance to new and existing bowling bodies in:

a) The formation of new leagues
b) Development of new and existing tournaments and
c) Providing the means of development and encouragement of individual talents

3.  Provides programmed and coordinated promotion in order to enhance future growth of the sport

4.  Develops and adopts uniform playing rules for the sport of bowling within the Commonwealth of The Bahamas, and issue specifications for equipment in its tournaments, adopting where practicable those pronouncements issued by the Federation Internationale de Quilleurs and any other governing bodies International recognized by the World Tenpin Bowling Association (WTBA).

5.  Acts as an appellate body to which unresolved constitutional disputes arising within a registered body may be directed by a member for arbitration, interpretation, and enforcement, after exhaustion of the channels provided by the registered body’s constitution.

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