Bahamas Bowling Federation


Membership in the Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) is automatic once you become a member of one of the local associations.  Membership is obtained through the Grand Bahama USBC Bowling Association (GBBA) which is the only active association in the Bahamas at the moment.  The cost of membership in the GBBA is $19.00 per year which covers membership in the local association, the BBF and the USBC.

In the coming months it is anticipated that the New Providence Bowling Association (NPBA) will be reinstated now that the new bowling facility in New Providence, Mario's Bowling & Entertainment Palace is completed and open for business.  This will bring a tremendous increase in membership to the Federation as in the past the NPBA was the larger of the two Associations.

There are bowlers from the other islands who remain active in bowling despite not having access to a bowling facility that are also members of the Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF).  The cost of membership directly with the BBF is at a cost of $5.00 per year and is required to participate in BBF sponsored events.

The Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) currently has approximately 211 active members who are also members of the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

Grand Bahama USBC Bowling Association (GBBA)

The Grand Bahama Bowling Association currently has four active leagues:
  • Monday Night Winterset League - Mixed League
  • Tuesday Night Mixers League - Mixed League
  • Wednesday Morning Coffee League - Ladies League
  • Thursday Night Businessmens League - Men's League

The current executive officers are:

            Volare Clarke                        Orville Jeff Forbes                 Marie Sealy                           Elizabeth Graham
            President                              Vice-President                      Secretary                              Treasurer

New Providence Bowling Association (NPBA)

The New Providence Bowling Association is currently active. Officers of the associations will be posted on this website soon.