Bahamas Bowling Federation


Bahamas Bowling Nationals Championships 8th-21st April 2013  Marios Bowling Palace

Sunday, March, 2013 -The Bahamas Bowling National Championships returns to the capital (Nassau) on the 8th April 2013.  The championships will be held over a two week period.  These championships will culminate on 21st April 2013 with the TV finals that will be broadcast live over Cable Bahamas 12.

Currently leading the men overall is Richard "Richie" Pyfrom with a total pinfall of 3,955 after 18 games.  This is a comfortable 219.72 average.  In second place is the odds on favourite to win it all....David Slatter. Last night (17th April 2013) Slatter bowled a "astonishing" 1,478 6 game set to leap frog from 6th to 2nd.   Sonith Lockhart is still in the mix with a 3,814 pin fall.  This Commonwealth Games Silver medal winner is not saying much.  He said that all of his talking will be "on the lanes".  

Leonardo (Lee Davis) the 3 time National Bowling champion winner is in fourth position with 3,725 pins.  Rounding out the top 5 is "Stan Da Man" Bethel who toppled the pins for 3,605...a 200.28 average.

The following is 6th-18th positions.

6th Johann Pyfrom  3,601 pins

7th Mario Brown  3,596 pins

8th Ryan Davis   3,594 pins

9th Willard Casale 3,579 pins

10th Yule Hoyte  3.534 pins

11th Charles "CQ" Johnson 3,476 pins

12th Ricardo Rolle 3,471 pins

13th Che Chase  3,448 pins

14th Alfred"Deuce City" Burrows 3,415 pins

15th Ken Brathwaite sr. 3,410 pins

16th Steve Bonamy  3,405 pins

17th Kelsey Rolle 3,318 pins

18th Kevin "Benedict" Williams 3,318 pins

However positions 16th through 18th are not "safe"  because the D & E men will take to the lanes tonight and about 3 bowlers are within striking distance of Willams.

Men D & E will bowl their final block tonight.   Look for some upsets as the 'race is on' to make the elite 'round of 18.